Max Love, Peace Out - Tempo's Story


Lee Jennings better known as DJ Tempo is a British born DJ & Producer born in Kent (England) in May 1982. Lee was born into a typical working class family and always dreamed big of joining the Army whilst a young lad ‘chilling’ in his bedroom making mix cassettes. At 19 Lee’s dream became a reality in 2001 and he was enlisted as a combat field medic in the RAMC, Lee never lost his love of music during his career and he’d often spend his NAAFI break listening to ALICE DEEJAY and other such artists of the day, 3 years after Lee joined the Army he chose to move away from his home town and found a new life in Wales. this was were Lee became who we know as DJ Tempo as in 2007 he was involved in a life changing road accident which though cost him his career in the Army led him too start producing and remixing music  – sharing this initially between friends and via YouTube. Lee soon realised

That he had a talent for making EDM music and began sharing online, using MSN messenger, Social media, sharing software such as iMesh and Bearshare and his own basic website this caught the ear of listeners and that of local record label Dance Jam Music who signed a record deal with Lee. From there Lee became known more and more by his stage name Tempo / DJ Tempo and became more and more well known his music spreading as far afield as Australia and the Americas and working clubs both at home and overseas. Now 13 years on DJ Tempo still produces high quality remixes and his own productions whilst working along side other big names, guaranteed to set the club ablaze but has never forgotten his humble roots and can often be found on Facebook or other social media hot-spots chatting to fans and sharing the occasional demo.